TheSampler (thesamplerhome ) wrote,

Please, everyone, send your thoughts to Alison


I think you all know how much Alison has done for and meant to the Sampler over the last few months. And I think you all know that she is an amazing person and wonderful, generous, caring friend.

I just got a call from her and she is in the hospital and she may be having surgery and she had to go so I didn't get the details, but it's scary and Alison is so awesome.

So, please please send whatever warm thoughts you can to Alison right now -- for her health and a speedy recovery. If you would like to send Alison a get-well card or gift, please email me personally for her p.o. box information.

Alison will most likely be unable to check her email for a little while, but if you think you might like to send her an electronic get-well note, you can send one to Alison AT homeofthesampler DOT com.

But, if you have some Sampler-related or Contributing-related email to send, please don't send it to her! You can send it to me at Marie AT homeofthesampler DOT com.
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